Early Obstetrics

Early Obstetrics

Board certified Ob/Gyn serving communities in Oregon including Portland, Gresham, Sandy, Hillsboro and Columbia County

Early Obstetrics services offered in Oregon including Portland, Gresham, Sandy, Hillsboro and Columbia County

The early obstetrics care available at FemForward Health gives your baby the best start in life. Mary Afsari-Howard, DO, provides superior pregnancy care in the earliest stages of your baby’s development. The mobile office features ultrasounds, bloodwork, and other diagnostic tests, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. Dr. Mary provides fertility treatments, pregnancy options for same-sex couples, miscarriage management, and support for those exploring their reproductive choices. Call the Portland, Oregon office to schedule an appointment or book a consultation online today.

What is early obstetrics?

Early obstetrics includes pregnancy and prenatal care for up to 12 weeks. FemForward Health is a mobile practice that provides early obstetrics care in neighborhoods with limited or no OB/GYN access. Dr. Mary takes a holistic, comprehensive approach to caring for the needs of all women, AFAB, and LGBTQIA+ individuals in the earliest stages of their pregnancy.

The mobile office features ultrasounds and other advanced diagnostic technologies to evaluate you and your baby’s health. Dr. Mary also provides fertility and family planning services to help you plan for a healthy pregnancy or prevent an unintended one.

You can schedule follow-up visits with Dr. Mary through our online telemedicine platform or see Dr. Mary at one of our convenient Portland-based locations. 

When should I schedule an early obstetrics appointment?

You should schedule an early obstetrics appointment at FemForward Health as soon as you think you’re pregnant or after getting a positive home pregnancy test. Dr. Mary provides blood testing services in the mobile office to confirm your pregnancy.

Early and regular pregnancy care can significantly reduce your risk for pregnancy complications. Dr. Mary evaluates your overall health and your baby's development in the early stages during routine prenatal visits to ensure your pregnancy progresses well.

Early obstetrics services are also available for those who aren’t sure they want to proceed with their pregnancy. Dr. Mary supports all individuals in making reproductive choices. She also provides compassionate care to help you manage miscarriages, so you can avoid urgent care and emergency room visits.

What happens during an early obstetrics visit?

During your initial visit at FemForward Health’s mobile office, Dr. Mary reviews your health history, previous pregnancies, and current diet and lifestyle.

She may complete a physical exam and may perform an ultrasound to determine your due date and evaluate your baby’s health. Dr. Mary also offers urine testing and other diagnostic tests in the mobile office, so you don’t have to go elsewhere.

Your first visit is a great time to ask any questions about your pregnancy and what you can expect. Dr. Mary provides recommendations for diet and exercise, prenatal vitamins, and other resources that support a healthy pregnancy.

If you have underlying health issues that make your pregnancy high-risk, Dr. Mary discusses your options for treatment. FemForward Health will also refer you to an obstetrician or certified nurse midwife to support you throughout the later stages of your pregnancy and delivery.

Call FemForward Health to schedule an early obstetrics visit or book an appointment online today.